Baninni: Home Collection Baninni's Home collection offers a wide range of Baby bouncers, Baby swings, Baby walkers and a growing collection for dinnertime. The range of Baby bouncers is very wide, so you can choose the best for your baby. The baby swings and baby walkers offer various models with all different looks and functions. Our dinnertime collection is a fun collection of dinnersets with nice illustrations and coming soon wooden high chairs.

Baby Bouncers Baninni offers a very wide range of baby bouncers, with different looks and functions. All bouncers have an adjustable backrest and a fun toybar and are suitable for children up to 9kg. Baninni offers classic, modern and playful bouncers, which are all made from high quality materials for your baby's comfort. Our newest relax (Perla) has a fresh look, you can choose between patterns or a duo-color with velvet fabric. Discover more Baninni at your local store.

Baninni: Babyswings Baninni offers different models of babyswings. All have adjustable speeds, musical melodies and timers. The babyswings are all made form high quality material, so your baby can rest in comfort. Your baby will be relaxed by the soft motion, so you can relax as well.

Baninni: Babywalkers Baninni has a varied collection of babywalkers. All babywalkers are conform European standards and made of high quality materials. You can choose between different models and different colours. The classic Babywalker has a walking position and a rocking function. So if your child is tired of walking, you can use the rocking position and you child can play with the multi-activity tray. The babywalkers are suitable for children from 6 months up to a max. weight of 12kg.

Baninni: Dinnertime Make your dinnertime fun with this collection. Baninni has Kids Dinner sets with fun illustrations, including a plate, bowl, mug and a spoon and fork. This collection is still expanding. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming new products.