Baninni devotes much attention for its service before, during and after purchase. We guarantee, all our products are produced conform european safety- and quality norms. That's why Baninni offers you a guarantee of 2 years. Within this period all problems will be solved by reparing, replacement of pieces or exchange.

Do you have more questions about Baninni's Guarantee? You can always contact a Baninni- reseller or you can contact us by filling in the form.


How long is the warranty period?

All Baninni products have a warranty period of 2 years, starting at the day of purchase. When you have a problem with your product, the retailer will provide a quick and personal solution in cooperation with Baninni. Repairing production errors is covered by the warranty. The warranty is not valid for exchanging or returning Baninni products.

What do you need for warranty?

You have to offer the product with the original proof of purchase to the store of purchase. It's very important to keep the proof of purchase, during the period of guarantee! Your store will help you to find a personal and quick solution.

When does the warranty not apply?

  • a claim without the proof of purchase
  • wear from normal daily use of the product
  • when you use the product for purposes other than those listed in the manual
  • when the product is alterated by the customer, unauthorised by Baninni
  • damage from bad maintenance, neglect or an accident
  • defects caused by overload

What to do when you notice a defect?

If you notice a defect or malfunction, please contact the shop where you bought the product. Baninni retailers will help you offer a personal and quick solution. If the retailer can't fix the problem himself, he will contact Baninni, to find a solution. Baninni will take care of any repairs or replacements if necessary. Repairs do not extend the term of warranty.