Potty training

Potty Training

When the time has come for your baby to be potty-trained, you can choose from a whole range of Baninni toilet trainers. A potty, a toilet reducer, a children's toilet or a step stool are handy tools that help your child to go to the toilet independently. Our toilet trainers are designed with great attention to comfort, safety, hygiene and ease of use. And thanks to our fun designs, your child will enjoy the potty training even more. Our toilet trainers are easy to install and practical to take with you so that your child can go to the toilet anywhere and anytime.

Toilet Seat Bravo
Toilet Seat Buba
Step Stool Pietra
Toilet Potty Pippe
Toilet Seat Potty Plane
Potty Plane
Toilet Seat Potty Whale
Potty Whale
Toilet Seat Trappola
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