Playpens & Safety gates

Playpens & Safety Gates

Children should be able to play safely at all times. In a playpen or box your baby can lie in a safe environment and discover the world little by little. The playpen can be installed in the bedroom, living room or even outside and you can always keep an eye on your baby. When your curious baby starts crawling you can divide the room and block dangerous places with a safety gate. Our playpens and safety gates are available in all shapes and colours, are easy and safe to install and are multifunctional in use. Extension bars and playpen rugs are also available.

Playpen Circo
Playpen Flessi
Playpen Giocco
Mat For Playpen Zita And Renzo
Mat Renzo / Zita
Playpen Renzo
Safety Gate Simi
Safety Gate Vicino
Safety Gate Extension For Vicino
Vicino Extension
Safety Gate Woody
Safety gate extension woody
Woody Extension
Safety Gate Zita
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