High chairs & Boosters

High Seats & Boosters

Mealtimes can be extremely messy when having a baby. A high chair can make it easier for you to feed your children and keep them in one place while you are preparing food and drinks or when you are cleaning the house. At Baninni we design high chairs so they last longer. They are adjustable in height and grow together with your little one. Baninni’s high chairs have adjustable foot rests for extra comfort. The minimalistic designs give our high chairs a timeless look so they fit into every type of interior! Our chairs can be left as they are or embellished with a cushion for extra comfort.

Cushion For Dolce Mio And Muna
Cushion Dolce Mio / Muna
High Chair Dolce Mio
Dolce Mio
High Chair Muna
Booster Sopra
Booster Yami
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