About us

Your baby. Our world.


Baninni is a brand that stands for a wide range of affordable and high-quality baby products for every type of parent. We want to be there for you and your littlest one during their first years on this amazing planet. Hence our slogan: “Your baby. Our world.”

Wide range

At Baninni, we know that every family is different and has other needs. We respond to that with all our collections. We offer products with different functions, styles, colours etc. This way you can choose a product for your specific need or style. Baninni keeps growing every day and so are our collections. All the products presented on this website, are placed in different categories so it is easier for you to navigate and find the correct information.

Comfort & Quality

We create high quality products so you can enjoy every moment and milestone with your baby. Important aspects of the Baninni brand are comfort, quality and function. All our products are made using high quality materials and are tested under real conditions so we can provide the safety and comfort your baby needs. Baninni opts for the use of very soft fabrics for the seats of bouncers, baby swings etc. While the frames of our baby products are made using very solid and durable materials. Based on our three important aspects we actively keep on adding products to our collection. Aftercare is equally important to us as our service before and during your purchase. All our retailers are ready to answer any of your questions, so you can make the right decision.
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